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  1. oldship
    Posted 2 years ago #

    After setting up passwords on WordPress .org or .com no routine is required to periodic change, yet often, passwords are not accepted and changing password request options are available and sent by email with options to connect through links to reset.
    Often , but not as often as the general "in event of" one account failed accepted password that users follow through delayed momentary wait for email arrival, what happens is the change to a .org from .com .... Which in the moment I seem to be logged in .org and signed in on .com, while one or the other has now been reset.
    I must log ou and sign out of both, and I will wait till tomorrow to restart the process to change passwords.
    Current device or Os (i0s7.1) does not appear to have administrative displayed link or available menu to the reset settings.
    Many recent changes across the board, whether email, browser , app or devices, all have been regularly lacking some essential category missing or out of the norm.
    Maybe tomorrow...a similar routine troubleshooting technique as a user is to simply sign out of everything, clean, defrag, turn off device, disconnect cables and turn off connections and wait a few minutes , to an hour, to even a day or two later.
    Antiquated routine yet not obsolete due to essence .

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