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  • Hey, so this has happened before, I have phpmyadmin on my local machine and the password has stopped working mysteriously. Does anyone have knowledge of what might be going on here?

    I looked at other similar topics and the codex page, but I still can’t get it to work.

    I tried to reset my password directly with PHP myAdmin. Here is where the interesting thing happens.

    I open the database, go to users, and locate the user_pass column. The password I am using is sesame. So, I type in sesame, choose MD5, and click ‘Go’. It saves the hash of the password which is c8dae1c50e092f3d877192fc555b1dcf

    Ok. Looks like it got changed. I then try to log in, I go to the log in page and type in my user name, and for the password, I type sesame. The password just disappears.

    Now, If I go back to phpmyadmin and look at the field I just changed, the password has changed from the above hash to $P$BQDZRRqq3ZX54HEhDraxz4T020UqH5
    which isn’t what it was before. Looks like something is overwriting my password.

    Can anyone help?

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  • Can it be a hacker having broken into your site? Can you post your site URL so that we can have a look at what is really going on?

    Try these for resetting your password:

    It’s a local instillation, the live site has no password issues, just the copy on my hard drive. I’ve tried using PHPmyadmin to reset the password, I’ve tried switching themes, I tried creating a new user in the database, and I’ve tried using wp_set_password(‘sesame’,1); in functions.php, nothing seems to work! Sigh… if there is no other ideas it looks like I’ll have to make another backup copy of the site with a new database.. 🙁
    What could have caused this? And WHY is nothing working!? It seems like the things I tried should work! 🙁

    It’s a local instillation, the live site has no password issues

    It suggests that the settings on your machine can be conflicting with the local installation. Can’t say exactly what.

    Thank you for your reply. Actually, I just now found something that worked.

    After I initially started having password issues I used wp_set_password() in functions.php to try to change it. I forgot to delete it. After I deleted it the password worked again. (otherwise it will reset the password and take you back to the login screen every time, but it just looks like the password is simply disappearing when you try to enter it)

    So problem eventually solved I guess. It seems like every time I have a problem, it will eventually get solved, but first I gotta spend an hour or two being extremely frustrated. I still have no idea why the password stopped working in the first place.

    Thanks for your suggestions! I wouldn’t have tried using wp_set_password in the first place if not for your reply.

    Cheryl Anne Slater


    Hi can someone help me please I cannot login into with my email and password and every time I try to reset the password it doesn’t reset or allow me to login in. Then eventually it says i’ve attempted it too many times.

    The problem arose when I added another blog to my account so now I have 2 blogs attached to one email address.

    These are the URL’s:

    Neither of them work with the wp-login or wp-admin added to log in.

    One if for a client and I have been trying to fix this all day.



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    My idea is to use an FTP program to get your theme’s functions.php file, then use the wp_set_password() function and re up load it with your chosen password. See the codex on how to use that function. Then once you’ve tried to log in, (it won’t work at first, because it resets it and logs you out every time if I remember correctly), but at least the password will be changed. Then try re uploading the functions.php file without the wp_set_password() function and your password should be reset. This has worked for me once. The only risk is that it will not work and mess stuff up. You could also try resetting it in the database if lets you get to the database. If they do there are instructions on how to do it if you look for it on google. Those are my two ideas, but both are risky because it’s really easy to completely mess everything up by accident if you aren’t familiar with php or sql.



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    I can’t access my website hosted by and dreamhost because I forgot my password. But when I go to my website’s log in page and try to reset it using my username or email it doesn’t ever show up in any of my email folders. I’ve tried endlessly and really need to access my account.

    user name: Mateja



    Forum Moderator does not host any sites. Your site is apparently hosted by Dreamhost.

    Try reviewing:

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