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  • Greetings,

    First off, thanks for your plugin. I use it in several sites and it works great!

    I am using it in a multisite installation and it works well for the most part. But, I recently had a user try to go in and reset their password, but the link it sends in the email redirects back to the user-login page versus the password reset page.

    The reason is that the url sent does not include all of the query variables. After adding the email and submitting from the lost password page, the query variable ?submitted=yes does not show on the page refresh either.

    The url I am getting from this installation in the reset email link is:

    I should be getting a url such as

    When I add the additional query variables of submitted and login I do see the reset password form, so the question is, where is the password url being configured? Or, any ideas on why these query variables are not getting added to the reset password string that goes into the email?

    Thanks so much for your time,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I just updated the plugin on my development site to version 3.0.6 from 2.6 and now the issue also exists on the dev site. It was working with the old version. The new version is also active on the production site where the issue was first encountered.

    I also did further testing by disabling other plugins on the site, as well as disabling all the security setting on the server and continued to experience the problem where it does not redirect to the ?submitted=yes query string on the lost password url after submitting the email address.

    I also tested by manually adding the ?submitted=yes to the login url, then clicking the lost password link. The query persisted after submitting the email, and it was also included in the reset link from the email. After following the link from the email, I was saw the reset form, and successfully changed the password. Apparently, the ?submitted=yes along with the key=xxxxx is sufficient to change the password.

    So, any ideas why the ?submitted=yes is not being added when the email is submitted?


    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hi Donnie,

    I have just tried this on my test rig, and indeed the latest version does no longer include ?submitted=yes, but the thing works fine without it.

    Please do this test:

    Create a new page with the only the [wppb-recover-password] shortcode in it.

    Does that one work properly?

    If not, then please send a link to it, and also a link to the registration page so that I can register a test user and experience the issue.

    With the best of regards,

    i lost the password of my site can you help me to reset the password

    site here

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hi there,

    Use your password recovery system:

    Best regards,

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