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  • A plugin sets email content_type set to HTML as follows:

    function set_contenttype($content_type){
      return 'text/html';

    Now password reset email does not display the link to click back to change the password because in wp-login.php the retrieve_password() function puts angle brackets around the link.

    $message .= '<' . network_site_url("wp-login.php?action=rp&key=$key&login=" . rawurlencode($user_login), 'login') . ">\r\n";

    Is the plugin setting email content_type improperly or should the email message formatting in retrieve_password() be changed?

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  • Ok – I’m thinking that the plugin should be setting the email content_type inside any notification function – not globally – and password reset emails will always go out as text – but it would be nice if WP system-generated emails supported content_type of text/html in case a plugin does this incorrectly.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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