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  • sgreenwald91


    Hey everyone. I have been all over the web trying to solve this problem but can’t seem to find an answer. I am new to having a website, so I am a little lost when it comes to these things. I now have a website for my business ( and it is a wordpress website. Well, I went in the other day to try to log in only to find that I couldn’t remember my password! So I tried the “Forgot password” link and had them send me a reset link to my email. When I try that it tells me “Your password reset key is invalid.”. I seem to have no way at all to get my password back/changed! Please help! I do not use FTP or anything else. I would always just go into WordPress to change and edit pages. I know now from what I am reading that I should use a backup plan I guess, but now I’m really stuck! Any ideas?

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  • RossMitchell


    When you say:

    I do not use FTP or anything else

    part of me wants to shout “YET”.
    Your web hosting has tools to access files and your database, you can either use them or get someone else to use them.
    OR yo could talk to your hosting providoe, maybe they can help.
    Try the password reset email again, act on the email as soon as it arrives.

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