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    I am using your plugin to send email through Mailgun. I have successfully been sending email but today had a member of the website try to reset their password and the email they received came to them unformatted (no paragraph breaks) and the password link is not showing.

    I looked at the Raw Source of that email message and was able to see that the content of the email was all there, including the link but it did not show when looking at it normally. So then I compared the raw Source of that email to one generated when I had the plugin run the email through the default PHP emailer, (which results in a properly formatted reset email with a link), and what stood out to me was that in the email that did not work, it had:

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=”ascii”

    and in the email that did work:

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

    Can you give me some insight as to how this might happen and what I might do to fix it?



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I asked Mailgun the same question and they responded, “It’s likely something in the plugin. With SMTP in our system, we accept the message “as-is”, i.e. how it was created. With HTTP API, we will determine aspects of the MIME on our side.”.

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    Got your issue on Github, thank you for the report!
    Replied there – I will check this error.

    Was there a resolve on this issue? I am having the same problem with no link being displayed in the password reset email. I am using SendGrid

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    I do not believe so but they have it on their list as an important fix to be on their 1.3 release, so keep an eye out for it.

    For me I only send occasionally so I have it set using the Default PHP Mailer using their plugin for now because of this issue and when I need to send out a group notification I toggle it to use Mailgun, send my notification, then toggle it back.

    Obviously hoping it will get fixed soon.

    I wasted lot of hours finding solution for the same issue, but could not find any.

    If anyone finds a solution for this issue, please let us know.

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    This issue will be fixed in 1.3.0. We plan to release it tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, 1.3.2 doesn’t fix the issue. Password reset links are still being stripped from HTML emails.

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    I’ve tested specifically this issue.
    And I was able to replicate the issue with 1.2.5 and wasn’t with 1.3.0.

    Which other active plugins do you have? Have you tried disabling all plugins except WP Mail SMTP and test that email after each deactivation?

    I have tested this with latest plugin version 1.3.3 and issue still exists. I disabled ALL plugins except for WP Mail SMTP and set the theme to the default Twenty Fifteen. Same problem.
    I’m using the Gmail integration.
    Links to reset password get stripped from emails. Please test using this link:

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    This is still an issue in 1.6.1

    As a workaround I’ve been installing the “Email Templates” plugin which resolves the issue by adding some nicer html formatting to the system emails.

    Edit: ignore me it’s the plugin from Mailgun I’m having trouble with, not yours. Possibly still resolves the issue here though.

    I have this same problem in a manner of speaking. I get the email about resetting my password but the button does not show and the html code in the email is this:

    <div style=”padding: 10px 0 50px 0; text-align: center;”>Reset your password</div>

    It just shows {password_reset_link} which is not getting rendered. Is the code wrong and if not then where is the code for that short code/parameter?

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