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    Hi Jen,

    You should only have to enter the password one time.

    The plugin uses cookies to keep you logged in once you enter the correct password. Could it be that you don’t have cookies enabled?

    I have the same problem … requires a login for each new url clicked on my site. Checked and confirmed cookies are allowed (see below). Tried on Chrome and ie, same problem. NOTE, if I login as an admin, there is no problem.

    here is my cookie found on chrome
    Name: hide_my_site-access
    Content: 1

    I set it for 365 days.

    Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    Thanks for letting me know. Not sure why this is happening for you. If you want to send me a link over to your site, along with your hide my site password, I would be willing to look into it more. You can contact me direct via the form on my website


    Thanks for your reply. Interestingly, I reset the duration for 20 days instead of 365 and it began to work ok.

    Thanks for the posts, I am having the some complaints about this issue – not having experienced it myself on Mac nor PC. However, the setting was to “stay logged in for 1 day” — so I’ve updated the plugin and set to 20 days instead, let’s see if this resolves it…

    I want to install this while I’m developing the website. After I’m done can I uninstall the plugin without any issues?

    Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    This should be posted as a new topic, but good question. The plugin doesn’t make any permanent changes to your site, so yes when you uninstall it your site will go back to normal. You can also disable password protection via the hide my site settings page.

    My site too has suddenly started asking for the password for every page. It didn’t do that previously, so I suspect that updating to v1.2 a couple of days ago caused it?

    Ah! Duration has always been set to 10 days, but I see other people suggesting that changing it could solve the problem…so I tried that and it did! I changed it to 100 days and it’s now working fine again.

    I am having this problem as well on my site.

    I’m having the same issue on my site at well. I am being forced to ask for my site password with each page

    Have you tried changing the duration temporarily? As I mentioned, that fixed it for me.

    Yes, I’ve changed the duration, tried different browsers; no dice. I’m still having the issues which force me to submit my password on each page. I’ve also verified that my browsers are not in “incognito” mode. This plugin will rock once the kinks get worked out.

    Same problem for me. I just downloaded it today, I made sure that cookies are enabled, switched from 1 to 10 to 100 days duration and no go. It’s a shame, I really needed this plugin.

    Any way we could get the older version of the plugin?

    @semidivine- you can! go to

    I had the same problem today, and the older version 1.1 works!

    Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    Hey all,

    Thanks for contributing. I’m trying to narrow down this thing one problem at a time. The truth is that you could all be experiencing different issues. The common factor across them all being that the access cookie is not being saved on the users computer when he or she enters the correct password.

    Conflicts may be caused by different hosting environments, other plugins, client browsers which block cookies, and lots of other things – it’s impossible to know for sure.

    I would like to be able isolate each problem and then apply a fix to the plugin for each issue.

    In order to do this, I am requesting access to a WordPress admin account on your sites (you can create a temp admin account for me). If any of you are willing to do this, please email login credentials over to info at clevelandwebdeveloper dot com. I will not make any changes to your wordpress site. Instead, I will make a backup copy of your site which I will store locally and use to debug the underlying issue. Once I solve your issue, I will apply the patch to the plugin and keep you all notified here.

    A couple other points –
    When the password is first entered in, this should be done on your homepage (eg as opposed to a subpage (eg If you enter the password on the homepage, you will have access to any URL that begins with If you enter your password on the subpage example above, you will have access to any URL that begins with If you then tried to go or any other page, you would have to enter the password again.

    It seems strange to me that installing the previous version (1.1) should resolve the issue. People had contacted me regarding this issue while 1.1 was out. Also, that part of the code was not changed between 1.1 and 1.2. In any case, it’s possible that for some reason that would fix an issue for some people. Please let me know if that worked for you and I can look more into it.

    Thanks to everyone for your help,


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