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  • Hello everyone, I ran into some issues, had a clean up on my drive and removed what I mistook for old no-use rubbish – backups of some passwords/mails information. As a result I can’t get into some sites I visited a while back – when not busy, gotta travel often. One of those – livejournal – asks for those ‘cleaned up’ passwords/mails I rarely used, and was not that much caring about (meh, silly blogs, right? well, no, this one I did cared cause of some nice things). So I have no way to get in but register anew. Maybe, there’s a way to recover password for my account? I’m quite ignorant in this, googling stuff about lj and password hack\recovery led me to some old topic in this forum, so I guessed why not to ask. Please, if anyone could give me a help, I’d be really grateful to you.

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    This forum is for people customizing their wordpress sites, not to help visitors. I don’t think livejournal is even wordpress based. In other words, you’re in the wrong place.

    Anyway, if you remember your user name or the email you used to register, there’s a lost info form on their site that will help you recover the password. Try guessing if you have to, you’d be surprised what you can remember sometimes. Without one of those bits of info, you’re out of luck.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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