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  • I’m going to do a complete reinstall of a blog that had been hacked.

    I cleaned out a “hidden” user from the DB before backing it up.
    I found the redirect script in the header.php of the theme as well as some other malicious script in a .php file that was in the uploads folder, both removed.

    Site is working fine.

    Will update to 2.9.2 with complete new install.

    I can change the hosting password, and those of the users on the blog (just 2) but what about the DB???

    My question is, in order to change the DB password so I can change it in the config file, how do I change it on the DB?

    Is this something I can do from within My PHP Admin?

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  • Is this something I can do from within My PHP Admin?


    OK maybe I did not explain clearly, but what I am looking to change is the DB USER not the blog user… the one that you have to give privileges to by noting it in the config file…

    It is not the same as the blog admin… it is this passwords, that is used to access the DB internally, with xxx being the hosting account member name which is on each item:

    password (for dbusername)

    One way I guess would be, just delete the username completely, recreate it with a new password, add it as priv’d to the DB and fill in the new PW on a new config file and upload it?

    D’uh, sometimes it takes typing out the question to figure out the answer. 🙂

    sorry – I misunderstood, but looks like you worked through it. :>)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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