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  • I’ve searched and haven’t found any solutions to these issues. Here’s what I’d like to be able to do:

    1) Password protected entries only display the title on the home page. Once that title is clicked, the message with the password box appears, but on the home page (or category page), it’s only the “Please enter password to view this post” message or just the title of the entry. Currently, each password protected entry has a password box on the home page and it looks clunky. But other content I want to display text like normal, so I can’t just change the recent_post function.

    2) A logout link for deleting the password cookie, so people who log in to view the post content of one entry don’t then make that content available to anyone who sits at the computer (I’m thinking of this as an online evaluation tool for my students and my comments for Johhny’s paper shouldn’t be able to be read by Susie or anyone else). Deleting cookies or even all offline content doesn’t work to rectify this. I actually can’t find a way to get that password box back again but by waiting a few days, I suppose.

    3) The password entered into the textbox should be asterisks, not the actual password.

    So, waddaya think? Can we do it?

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