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  • Hello.

    When using the native password protection for a single page on my site (, I am repeatedly returned to the page login screen and am not granted access to the page content.

    I have only five plugins installed and activated:
    1) Google Analytics
    2) Hotfix
    3) Jetpack by
    4) Simple Social Icons
    5) UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

    I’m on Customizr v3.1.6, WordPress 3.8.1, and all plugins are up to date.
    Main URL for site is

    Current password for access to the URL provided above is, “Test” – case sensitive.

    Thank you for any ideas and support you may have.

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  • What happens if you activate the twentytwelve theme?

    Hi, Electric Feet.

    I’ve spent so much time getting my site set up, I’m terrified of ‘losing’ something if I switch themes. Do you happen to know if I’ll be able revert to the Customizr without reconfiguring everything after trying out a temporary switch to the twenty twelve theme?

    And, do you mind sharing what you’re thinking that testing password protection on the twenty twelve theme might tell us about the issue at play here?

    Thanks for you help!

    Make sure you have a backup, but switching Themes should not cause you any problems at all. @ef is trying to isolate whether your problem is a Czr issue, or a WP issue. If your problem persists in a different Theme then that will show it’s not a Czr issue.

    OK. Thanks Electric Feet and RDell.

    I tested the password protected page not he Twenty Twelve theme, and was still NOT able to log in.

    Any other ideas are welcome, and know I so appreciate your support. 🙂

    Just checking back in… The password protection is still not working if anyone has any other ideas on a resolution.

    Hey… Customizr theme support. Where are you? Help, please.

    Hi @robbycarl, I just re-tested the password protection in Customizr and it works fine.
    I wonder what could be the root cause of your problem.
    You might want to check this quick guide on Customizr debugging.
    Hops this helps!

    Thank you, Nikeo. Your confirmation is much appreciated.

    FYI to all: I have also deactivated ALL plugins and tested – problem persists. Activated each plug in one at a time, testing in between – problem persists.

    I’ll check out the customizr debugging doc next.

    OK, so it doesn’t work in twentytwelve and it doesn’t work in Customizr, so the theme is not the issue. It is then either WordPress (unlikely) or your PC/Mac. Are you sure that cookies are enabled?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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