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  • I created a page containing the word “secret”.
    I set up a password to protect it and published it.
    If I am searching now (not logged-in) for the word “secret”, the page shows up, not revealing it´s content, but still…

    Shouldn´t the content of password protected posts and pages be excluded from any search?


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  • If I upload an image named “example.jpg” and put it into my password protected page, a search for “example.jpg” will bring up the page too.

    Found an ancient and closed ticket:

    Another shortcomming:

    If a protected post or page has attachments, those files are not protected themselves. If a user knows the URL but doesn’t know the password, he can access them.

    The attachments are accessible to everyone, maybe even search engines.


    I have a related problem. I have a password to login to my account to post. For the past two months I have been unable to login using either of my two preferred passwords. I have the same two passwords for all my other online accounts. I have requested my current password [that works] repeatedly over this period at – with no acknowledgment or response whatsoever. I have been effectively barred from posting at my own WordPress website. What gives?

    Rimchamp, this thread is not about login issues, but password protected posts

    Check: Resetting_Your_Password

    Milestone changed from 2.0.5 to … 2.8

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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