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    I have been trying to solve this problem for hours. I have several pages I am trying to password protect. When I view the pages, I get the message informing me the pages are password protected and asking for the password. When I enter the password, the page just refreshes and asks for the password again.

    I do not want to password protect the entire site, only certain pages and I need to have different passwords for different pages.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Ryan S


    are you referring pages or posts????

    If posts, then edit the posts again and enter the password again… this should resolve the issue….

    I am referring to pages, not posts. Any ideas?

    Here is a bit more information that might help.

    If I delete the password, the pages loads fine. But if I enter another password (or the same password again), the same problem occurs. It’s behavior is as though I was entering the wrong password and so it just keeps asking me for the right password. But I am entering the right password.

    Could there be something wrong with the permissions of a file in which the passwords are kept? (Just guessing here).

    Okay folks, now it is getting interesting.

    I successfully updated to WordPress 2.7.1. Now when I enter the password for a password protected page, I am redirected to the admin login page if I am not already logged in or the admin page itself if I am.

    I tried putting in the password before activating any plugins with the excepting of Exec-PHP. This is very strange behavior and I’m not sure what to do next.

    I’m hoping someone will take the challenge of helping me solve this problem.

    Thank you!

    And one more thing, if I make the page public, it displays correctly. Why would adding a password redirect the page to the administrative login?

    And another one more thing. The password protected page redirects me to the admin page no matter what value I put in for the password. Correct or incorrect!


    When I first installed WordPress, I was having difficulty getting the program to work, the host technical support changed the htaccess file to read:

    DirectoryIndex index.php
    # BEGIN WordPress

    # END WordPress

    Could this be the source of the problem I am experiencing? If so, how would I fix it?


    It would appear that there was some conflict between the plugin Exec-PHP and WordPress’s page protection system. However, the conflict was resolved by simply deactivating and the reactivating the plugin.

    Oh man.. I am having this exact issue except your resolution doesnt apply to my situation.. ( I dont use the exec-php plugin) I have a page that is password protected. The password is prompted, but no matter what is entered, I am redirected to the admin login page (or the dashboard if i am already logged in as admin).. The page that is password protected contains two links to other pages in the form of "http://<hostname>/wordpress/?page_id=<id>". I password protected these two pages as well. If I remove the password protection from the original page that contains the links to these two pages, the page will display, and if I click one of the links, the other pages do not prompt for a password.. argh… I am puzzled…

    Any ideas anyone?

    I am having this same issue with one of my WP blogs, and I don’t use the Exec-PHP plugin. Like the user above, I have a page that is password protected, and it prompts me for a password as I expect. However, no matter what I enter as the password, it redirects me to my admin Dashboard when I submit it.

    By the way, I’m running version 2.8.6, and the only plugins I’m running are Akismet and Flickr Gallery.

    What’s up?

    I hope the fact that this post is marked as “resolved” does not mean nobody looks at it anymore…
    because I have the exact same problem, mine is a post not a page, keep getting request for password, never goes in.
    I don’t have the plugin mentioned installed.
    My WP version is 2.8.6.

    Please help?

    Yes, why is this topic marked as “resolved”? There doesn’t seem to be an answer. I am having the same problem. I am trying to password protect a page and when I enter the password it doesn’t do anything. I have tried changing the password and then it works but I need to enter a particular password so it’s baffling to why I can’t use it.

    Could it be because I tested this password on a previous page and then deleted it? Can you only use a certain password for one page only?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, I am using wp 2.9.1 where password protect for a post works fine. However, when I password protect a post and view my blog all the pages & posts are out of alignment (set off to the far right of the blog/theme. So, for now I am just sticking with using posts to password protect. Anyone else have a similar situation or input?

    P.S. I am not particularly tech savvy in this area especially when it comes to html stuff.

    Thank you for any assistance, I appreciate it. 🙂

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