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  • Another request!
    I would like to have all entries in a category protected by a common password. And for those entries not to show in the index, or any other archive order. Only when a user clicks on the category and completes the password successfully.
    I’ve seen similar requests without much response. Hoping to get some info this time around.

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  • I would very much like to see that possibility as well.
    Does anyone know of a “simple” way to do this? Or maybe a not so simple way?

    Is it possible to have password protected categories?
    Then I can have a general section for all commers, a private category for my work colleagues, a private category for my friends, another for family etc etc
    Or is there another way of achieving this? without having seperate blogs for each ?

    I wonder if with mod_rewrite and url rewriting, Apache would consider different categories to be in different folders, and thus allow a password protection for each ?

    I”d be really interested in this as well. Any word on this feature with WP 1.5?

    I agree, password protected categories would be a very interesting feature.

    It would also solve the following problem: when you have subpages of a password protected page they are not protected. That’s not very secure (as if there is a need for security in blogging).

    anything new on this issue? i would appreciate this feature or any other possible solution for this massively, after changing to an open system as wordpress just because of finding a way to integrate this!

    apparently there is a big demand for this… what do you wordpress developer crackers think bout it?


    Well if you’re game to do a little cracking yourself, you could look over a solution I put together for a Page displaying multiple posts:

    Something like that along with individual category templates might be workable.

    Kafkaesqui, i put in your password protection. first it seemed to work fine, but then something was changed in my configuration.

    i even don´t know if it has anything to do with the password thing (from what i can see it shouldn´t) but i also don´t have a glue what else could have happened, so i´m cross-posting it to over here where it all started from;|
    would be great, if you could have a short look on it…

    here´s the link to the describing post.

    thanks in advance!

    btw: i found a little workaround by just leaving the original quotes away for the moment… you can still see the same effect in the contact form ('kontakt')!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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