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  • I am using Version 2.7 now and can no longer find this option on the new post page. Is this feature (password protect this post) still available in 2.7 and if so where did it go? if it is no longer available, is there a better way to block posts to paid-only visitors

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  • When writing a new post, look to the right where it reads “Visibility” and click “Edit”

    thank you! I knew I lost that feature somewhere…

    now it actually (unfortunately) doesn’t do what I needed it to do. so my new question: if I wanted to have my blog show half of a post, and only make the full post available when a user pays a small fee (thru paypal), how would I do that without having to fool with downloading and registering?

    Hummm….you’ve got me there. Half a post can be done with the more tag, but I’m not sure how you could automate doing half a post and then charge for the full post.

    Maybe someone else has some ideas…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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