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    Have WC 3.0.6.

    We’re trying to password protect our store page in the Publish box, Visibility option. But that’s not working for the store page. The page remains public even after it’s password protected.

    Any way to password protect the store page?

    Password protection was touched on in another thread quite a while back. But the best we can tell, that thread is being ignored now.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    (We’re not concerned about password protecting the category and product pages at this time, and we see no reason to explain our reasons for wanting to password protect the store page or not wanting to password protect category and product pages.)

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  • Hi, and thanks for the tip. We had already looked at that and others from Barn2Media. We want to be able to pick and choose what to make private or password protect and what to leave public, whether individual categories or individual products. Not sure we can do that with your plugin. Why “Renews yearly until cancelled”?

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    Well, you totally mischaracterized and perverted my question. I clearly did not ask why the charge was an annual charge. Anyone with any sense at all understands a need for an annual charge. What I asked very clearly, and even asked it by quoting a statement from your website, was, “Why ‘Renews yearly until cancelled?'” So then, I ask again, why do you automatically renew charges on the account annually until the account is cancelled? Why not give the option to renew only upon request, not automatically?

    Also, your statement is evidently false that the annual cost “covers future plugin updates and support beyond the first year.” Your website clearly states to the contrary that the annual charge only “Includes 12 months of support & updates.” You even contradicted yourself in your reply.

    For those reasons alone, I would be uneasy about buying anything from you.

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    Guess that’s all that’s available at this time. Will figure a different approach.

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    Hi, sorry for misunderstanding your question. A lot of people contact us asking why the plugin is renewed annually!

    The annual subscription saves people having to do it manually each year, and can be cancelled at any time.

    The first payment covers the initial purchase and the first 12 months of support and updates. The 2nd payment covers the next 12 months of support and updates; and so on for subsequent years. Sorry if I worded it badly.


    Well, actually, the annual subscription does not save people from having to do it manually each year. The automatic renewal of the subscription does, but not the subscription, itself.

    It’s no trouble to renew a subscription to anything manually once a year. Most people I know prefer to renew manually. The amount of bookkeeping is the same one way or the other. And with manual renewal, they don’t have to take a chance on not getting a notice in advance from the vendor that an automatic annual renewal is about to occur, and missing the date, and then finding after it’s too late that their credit card has already been charged.

    But I guess a workaround would be to pay the subscription for the first year, and then cancel it a day or two later so that it won’t automatically renew. But I guess I’ll pass.

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    Thanks for your feedback, that’s really helpful. Yes, you can always cancel the subscription straight after the first payment and switch to manual renewal.

    Best regards, Katie

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