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  • I am writing a series on the killings of the Women of Juarez.

    I did a film review that I did not want to detract from the series so I password protected it.

    This seems to be a good and simple fix as all a reader would have to do is click the link and read the post.

    Password is read

    It works for me in FF but IE it does not work?

    I have never tried to password protect an entry before and am not aware if there are any issues regarding IE.

    There is a link (reviewing the movie)This is the problem in IE


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  • Now I never like to bump threads but I am still looking for an answer to the oddity with IE not recognizing that an entry is password protected???


    Re: IE password protected post (posts) fail (failure) fix

    I have googled for quite some time for the same issue.

    Finally, I found it and after tested it out, it’s all fine now.

    The solution (fix):
    In your wp-pass.php file, look for

    setcookie(‘wp-postpass_’ . COOKIEHASH, $_POST[‘post_password’], time() + 864000, COOKIEPATH);

    replace with:

    setcookie(‘wp-postpass_’ . COOKIEHASH, $_POST[‘post_password’], time() + 864000, ‘/’);

    It should be okay now. Try it in both IE and Firefox.

    All credit goes to

    The above link contains detailed info on how to solve this issue.

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