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  • I’m trying to password protect a single static page on a client’s site. I did the normal run of setting up the page to be password protected, but after entering the password the first time I haven’t been prompted to enter the password again, on any browser or computer.

    This is what i done so far:

    • Cleared cache, and active logins.
    • logged out of the admin
    • Turned off and removed all plugins, re-installed them
    • Set permalinks to default, set them back to /%postname%/
    • entered if(!post_password_required()) { the_content();} on the template that is supporting the page
    • I didn’t update to the latest version of wordpress because it all ready is

    So having done all that I know the problem is the theme, but my client really likes this theme so switching to something else isn’t really an option and is the only reason I haven’t done it.

    If someone can suggest a hack or plugin I can use to fix this, I would really be thankful for it.

    Any advice please?

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  • Megan, did you find a solution to this?
    If not- I’d like to shine the light over here again!
    I have also done everything you listed above, and can’t get anything to load. The protected page simply reloads, with the password field still there. Non visible error messages. Additionally, if you intentionally type in the wrong password, it exhibits the same behavior.

    Anyone have some ideas on where to go with this?

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