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  • Nice plugin and to make it really be a protector, I think it needs to have a setting were an admin can enter his email address and then password. Email address is so that if it gets forgotten it’s emailed to the ADMIN email address entered. But instead of still being able to update the plugin, if checked – a password field appears and would have to be entered.

    Hope you like the idea and happy to provide feedback.

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  • Plugin Author uamv


    Excellent idea! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look to add that to a future version. This was originally created for me as a developer, but I can definitely see the benefit of that for others.

    Plugin Author uamv


    Would you see a need for this to be different from the users account email and password?

    Hmmm, I could see that different ADMINs could be utilized but to keep it simple at first I would be happy as I mentioned before. The point was to give it a real layer of protection – right now anyone with admin privileges can go and can alter the settings to change the plugins.
    I think to be a real protector it should require a user name and password, even if its different then the Admin. BUT if it gets lost, the primary admin which is set in the settings should be the top of the chain and a password be sent to that address if possible.
    Also another twist, it is very frustrating when you go to the plugin section but your system is running smoothly and they you get bombarded with update requests which should be tied in to the plugin protector. Basically if the plugin is protected, then the update button should be in the plugin protector screen and on the standard plugin page, have a note – updates available see plugin protector but not allowing the plugin to be updated unless through your screen.

    Sorry if I wrote to much and thanks for your time.

    Also to build confidence in the product, at some point bring it to v1.0 at least, because a serious site might not feel comfortable using it because having a v0.5 feels not finished.

    Thanks for your troubles and efforts.
    Peace, Roy

    Plugin Author uamv


    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll see where we can get it down the road!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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