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  • Hey–Ever since we installed a SSL on our site, I have to reset my password to log into the site everytime I login. I just logged out and tried to log back in and need to reset it. Anyone else ever have this problem? I think it’s probably a local issue on my laptop. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin

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  • First of all, are you the admin? If so, then check out your password setting.

    Yes. Where? Server side or WP admin side?

    First of all, check through your WP admin console and then SSL. There probably some setting which trigger for the reset or you can try on some other pc before you start looking at the WP setting. Start from the fundamental basic analysis.

    Checked what I knew to check, nothing seems odd.
    I set up a new user, etc. and after initial login, had to do the same PW reset as would not allow me to login. Anyone else any suggestions?

    Did your see your code?


    What i meant is your webpage code? You need to have some basic html or other in your webpage to help you to have a better understanding.

    I don’t.
    So, will need some specifics on what to look for as I wouldn’t know
    by just looking at a page of code.
    If anyone else has had an issue w/password resetting, please advise.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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