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  • Ok, This may sound a little stalkerish but i sware its in no harm of the person, its for their security only…

    Anywho, i was wondering if their was a plugin around that I can add to my page to enable more than one user to login.. In other words.. I could create a blog, Give someone a Set username / password, And They could log on, and blog their heart away as a private log. Then, once they are done, A possibility of Me being able to log onto their post without them knowing and viewing what they wrote. Or, have my own set of admin username/password So i could see/possibly edit what they have done. Or, Make it so.. example. Username – blahblah password 1010, and i can make another password for me only so i could log in as 2020. please help me here ^_^ Its for security reasons, And i really need to find a program/plugin like this. I want it so the person is unable to see that i loged on the site. But i can.

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  • What you are asking for is kind of confusing. I would check out and search for private. Why don’t you just make your user a lower level than you as an admin?

    Mark (podz)


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    “Its for security reasons”

    Sounds more like spying.

    Its for their own good, Its just one person, Not making a 100 person blogging network.. ^_^ Its spying, But with good intentions… Its really hard to explain. =[

    Kind of like a father checking up on his children 🙂



    Sounds like you may not have a grasp of the Roles functionality within WordPress. I’d do an Internet Website search for WordPress roles and see what Internet Website Search Results come up.

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