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  • in early october i joined iloveyoudarling when i discovered it in the widgette gallary. i have written for years and was thrilled to be able to have a placed to communicate with my lover without actually talking verbally with him….my first post was submitted and i unknowingly put a password on it when i sent it. now not only i can’t open my submission but neither can anyone ilse i know. how do i address this problem so that he along with anyone else, including myself can view this submission.
    and, how do i get permission to use all the features you offer when you join? like making changes and just pulling up some of the screens is a problem for me at this time.
    thank you for your time and PLEASE get back to me on this.
    jas: roxysruby

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  • could you please offer me a solution on retrieving my submission. if you apply a password you should be able to open your writing. i would like to remove password protection from my submission “Rocky Mountain Love” so that we can read it. i don’t understand what the next step is. i don’t want my written submission to be lost to everyone forever because of a password protection problem that users cannot function. this has been going on for weeks now and still no solution offered by your organization and this is a rule your company set so why is there NO SOLUTION to this PROBLEM ….anxiously awaiting your reply, roxy

    still no solution offered by your organization and this is a rule your company

    I didn’t notice a “rule” for this, as “we” don’t have control over plugins as such. Have you tried asking the person that made the Password Protection Plugin? Just was curious..

    Also, rather then bumping threads and pointing fingers.. did you search the forums in the meantime..? Just was curious on that as well..

    I’m not familiar with this plugin or whatever, but.. maybe someone else around here can help you better.. Good luck!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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