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  1. Lucanos
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi All,
    I recently lost my admin password on an install of WordPress which I was running via XAMPP on a USB Drive. This meant that, trying to get my email sent back out via the "Forgotten Password" functionality failed (after a long hang time).
    In the hopes of recovering/resetting my password, without having to install from scratch, I am hoping that one of the all-knowing WordPress Gurus may be able to enlighten me on the method by which the passwords are hashed in v2.6
    I have a sneaking suspicion that the AUTH_KEY values defined in the config.php file are used somewhere, most likely as salt with the password as part of an MD5 Hash, but I am hoping someone can give me some more details on how this is done.

  2. vachi
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Login to phpMyAdmin connected to the MySQL database server.
    Select the database the used by the WordPress blog that the password wanted to be reset.
    Locate the wp_users table (normally the last row), and then click on the Browse icon under Action column on the same line.

    Locate the user_login which the password want to be recovered and reset, and then click on the Edit button in front of the line.

    Under the user_pass field, delete everything in the corresponding Value field on the same line.
    Enter a new desired password (case sensitive) in the now empty Value text box, i.e. NEW PASSWORD
    Select MD5 in the Function field drop-down menu.
    Click on Go button to save and reset the password.
    After resetting the password, use the new password to log in to WordPress.


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