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[Resolved] Password field not visible with plugin enabled

  • Hi

    I am using BPS Security .49.9 and WP 3.8.1.

    My problem is that when I click on Dashboard –> Users –> Edit (to edit a user profile) the “Password” field is not there anymore. So I cannot reset passwords. If I disable BPS Security, the fields re-appear to allow me to reset existing passwords and likewise, when creating new users, the fields appear. With BPS Security enabled again, I can’t even apply a password to a new user as the fields are not there.

    I cannot even edit my own admin password! What part of BPS Security do I enable\disable to ensure that at least me, as the admin, can set and reset user passwords?

    I have attached screenshots of two sites – one that uses BPS security and one that does not. As you can see, one shows the addition of a password field, and one does not. The view is comparable to when I enable\disable the BPS Security plugin.

    SiteA : http://postimg.org/image/999xsgrl9/
    SiteB : http://postimg.org/image/wfua7vyjx/


    UPDATE: Found it! BPS Security –> Login Security –> Enable password reset. I had set it to not allow it! SOLVED

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