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    Hi everyone,

    My new registrants are not getting emails when registering at

    Since it seemed my default configuration wasn’t working… I redirected all emails through SMTP with the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin. The tests for that are working… but new registrants seem not to be getting the email still.

    Does the new password email get sent through another protocol? Any ideas how to fix this?

    I’m hosted on GoDaddy.


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  • did they check the spam/junk folders?

    I asked, they said no… But it could be user error.

    I tried myself to register and no password arrived in junk or inbox…

    The WP-Mail-SMTP plugin test messages sent via SMTP did work. (But showed up in Junk)

    Could it be a problem with GoDaddy’s automatic install? I emailed them… and they responded they could not offer support on any GoDaddy Hosting Connection solutions… aka automatic installs of WordPress.

    Could it be an issue with WP-Mail-SMTP?


    There have been many known issues with Godaddy as the hostingt company. And even more with them and Windows hosting if that is what you have..
    Some months back had a client who was on godaddy and their response to me was limited support for un-authentciated email to be sent out on shared accounts. AM not familar with that plugin but guess that you would have to configure SMTP authentication. Otherwise you will have to go with one of the more reliable hosting companies.

    I am having exactly the same problem. I administer two other blogs, with another hosting company,, and the registrations go right through. But I’ve just set up a blog for a client that hosts with godaddy and the password emails never go through and the admin notices of new registrar emails don’t either. I called their tech support and got the same answer — no support for 3rd party apps. Of course, they will install WP for you! But they won’t support it. Unbelievable.

    I have constant problems with Go Daddy! I would NEVER recommend them.

    I am on Godaddy, but with Linux hosting.

    How can we look at this problem differently?

    Is there anything blocking the emails from being sent through SMTP via the WP-SMTP Plugin? I am limited to 250 SMTP Relays per month, so I’d rather go with another option if possible.

    Is there another way to send these password emails out? The new registration emails have no problems for me… which differs from likes2draw’s problem.

    You can look at it differently if you get a hosting company than can provide 100% of what WordPress needs. But then you have to deal with spending less money for hosting, get much better support & will even at times help with WordPress issues and not state “not supported” like godaddy. Or you can spend hours (which will later turn into days and weeks) trying to fix problems like these with godaddy….

    I agree webjunk. But I am where I am now… and I’d like to launch this site which has taken me two months effort… rather than spend the time migrating it. (I’ve never done that before and I know just changing the domain was a pain on another site!)

    Anyone looking to help save all us Godaddy wordpress people? I have other sites on Godaddy which work flawlessly.


    Actually moving to another hosting compan would probably be faster than fixing (if it can be fixed at all) this problem on godaddy. And better in the long run. Or would you rather move it when you are forced to because of godaddy when you have an active website?
    Just follow the directions:
    and there are people on here to help. I move WordPress all the time.

    Hmm… ok. I’ll probably start this tomorrow if no better solution arises. Thanks for the tough love!

    Here is how I assume would be safest to do this:
    1. Leave my current Godaddy account intact with
    2. Purchase hosting at Bluehost
    3. Go offline for maintenance.
    4. Duplicate on Bluehost
    5. Test the new setup on Bluehost for a few days
    6. Switch the name servers (Godaddy) to point to Bluehost
    7. Shutdown Godaddy hosting
    8. Transfer domain to Bluehost

    you must do step 7, 72 hours AFTER step 8 because of dns.

    Would you recommend Bluehost or Dreamhost? (Bluehost’s site has been down all night… not a good sign.)

    Also, I started exploring with Dreamhost… they can give me new hosting and transfer my domain with an authorization code right when I purchase the hosting. Would you advise I do it at that time, or later?

    Any tips on potential dangers?

    My initial process, which may be to drawn out:

    1. Leave our current Godaddy account intact with until we have a 100% verified duplicate site
    2. Purchase hosting at Bluehost/Dreamhost ($4.95 per month but unlimited everything… very scalable.)
    3. Take offline for maintenance (3 days)
    4. Duplicate on Bluehost/Dreamhost
    5. Test the new setup on Bluehost/Dreamhost (2 days)
    6. Transfer to Bluehost/Dreamhost (3 days)
    7. Shutdown Godaddy hosting, whenever we’re confident with Bluehost/Dreamhost
    8. Launch on the new server

    I have not used either host in quite some time. I prefer Hostgator but only have about four hundred client sites I support with them so far 🙂
    You do not need to transfer the domain name to anyone. You can keep that with godaddy or whatever if you want. YOu will just need to change the Nameservers to point to the new host and manage the A Records, Cnames, MX records, etc. there.

    Missed the second part. You need to swap Steps 7 & 8. You want to launch the new server and make sure it is working fully before canceling your hosting? Do not know about the days. I usually do it all in a day or actually a few hours.

    Good to hear others’ recommendations for hosting companies. I have used lunarpages for about 10 years and about 10 sites with no problems. Their own site design, unlike go daddy’s, has one easy entry point (log in) and a clear and direct path to account admin or the standard c-panel. Not the overdesigned interface of godaddy, with a million menus and boxes and ‘features.’ I feel like I need a road map every time I log in with them. And procedures that take hours with lunarpages seem to take days with g.d. I just don’t get it……
    Anyway, good luck to you. We are doing a workaround with our blog right now, and manually inviting contributors and issuing them temporary passwords, so at least the blog can get up and running.

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