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  • Yesterday I installed a new wp blog. The first thing I did after the installation was log in and change my admin password. I also added a new user with a role of editor. I worked on the site for several hours…all went fine. I logged out at the end of the day, but today, when I try to log in to my wp admin panel, I just get the “Incorrect Password” message. I even tried using the original password that was generated when I installed the blog, but that doesn’t work either. Finally, I tried logging in as the additional user, and I also got the “Incorrect Password” message.

    This seems very strange. My question is, how can I get into my blog to administer it?

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    an applicable thread — right there on the front page of the forums 😛

    I have access to the database, so I changed the password on one of the users, but it still didn’t work. Because it seemed to weird that none of the user logins were working, I didn’t think it was a problem with the database, a typo, caps lock or the usual data entry things. I had the passwords documented and they all worked fine yesterday.

    So, I took a look at the login page. When I tried to log in today, I went to which opened up a login page…HOWEVER that login page doesn’t work or is not correctly wired to the database, or something because when I go to everything works just fine and I’m able to log in with all users’ passwords.

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