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    I’d welcome a little advice.
    I’m working on a WP theme in localhost on my pc.
    for some reason I went to open localhost the WP site opened but I was not able to access the dashboard. I tried to log-in but I am not able to something must have gone askew, (probably cookies removed). So now I’m locked out (and it’s cold here)
    I think I should be able to do something in MySQL or MYPHPadmin. but I’m not confident enough with either to just go in and muck.
    Pls Help,, and detailed pls 🙂

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  • There are instructions for resetting your admin password using phpMyAdmin in this article.

    Resetting Your Password

    clayton James i think i love you. I have been having the same issue for two weeks and could not get an answer. I deciphered the resetting password, went to php admin on local host, went to my database, chose the admin user, clicked edit, in the functions part i chose MD5, wiped out the encrypted password, typed in the new one and clicked go.
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN BUSINESS

    DITTO Clayton….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
    I thought I was going to have much more of a problem.
    tu_kool-3, thanks to you too you explanation helped.

    Nice! Glad it did the trick. 🙂

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