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  • tjm1987


    Hi there,

    I would like to be able to change the registration/ login side of things slightly.

    Instead of users registering their own passwords, I would like to be able to (as an admin) set a single password that I can change each month.

    This would then need to be entered to confirm registration and then registered users would then “simply” need to enter their e-mail address along with the current passphrase to access full content (excerpts etc. would need to remain).

    Quick background is that the site is an online companion to a print publication and user access is current (on a joomla site) restricted by a set passphrase that’s printed on within the hard-copy.

    Many thanks in advance – any help/ advice very welcome!

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  • dc5ala


    For me it looks like you want to restrict content and not registration.

    To limit access to some content, you could use use something WordPress already provides instead messing with the login. You can password protect individual posts. If you want to change that on a regular basis you could write a plugin for that job.



    Hi dc5ala,

    Thanks for getting back.

    The problem is that each month the site has 50+ new posts and it would be extra work to set a passwords for each post (and then have to update all previous posts with new passwords each month). Also, would be fairly annoying for the readers to have to enter a password each time (articles are, in the main, very short).



    First part of your concerns can be automated. Always entering a passphrase can be indeed annoying.

    Another way, while still keeping the original registration process, is to write a plugin providing a widget for logged in users where they can enter the current passphrase to unlock posts. You could store the state of this in a session or user meta and your plugin just filters the_content based on this information.

    In this case you also have to write a (fairly simple) plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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