Support » Plugin: WP REST User » Passing request to ‘wp_rest_user_user_register’ action

  • Hello. I just started using your plugin, great work thank you so much!

    One suggestion I had – pass $request to the ‘wp_rest_user_user_register’ action function. Currently the function registered to the ‘wp_rest_user_user_register’ action has the $user variable as it’s single input parameter. If you passed in the $request parameter too, it opens up much broader possibilities for that function.

    For example, if I want to register a new user with a custom user meta field, like “nickname” I currently have to do that in two steps: 1) register the user and 2) update user params. With this proposed change, I can register the user using your plugin, and then pull the ‘nickname’ property from the $request in the function that I regiser to ‘wp_rest_user_user_register’.

    Should be a pretty easy update, thoughts?

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