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  • Looking for a little help. I have an install running the Brooklyn theme on the top level domain. On a subdomain is o a third-party platform where services can be purchased. From the main website, I want to set up pricing tables with buttons pointing to specific services on the subdomain. The pricing table is coming from WPBakery.This requires parameters to be sent in addition to the URL, as instructed by the third-party platform:

    1) Script added before </head>. This has been done.
    2) Link added to the button: class=”xx-btn” data-service=444

    This has also been done. Obviously the quotation marks and spaces are going to cause problems, so I replaced these with escape characters. No dice.

    The desired outcome here would be an embedded pop-up would appear showing product details (product number 444, in this case). What I am seeing instead is a redirection to

    With all of this in mind here’s an oddity. The Brooklyn theme has functionality to create its own pricing tables (albeit with less attractive style). If I add the entire link as noted in #2 above, without replacing spaces or quotation marks with escape characters, it works as expected. If I try this in the WPBakery pricing table, it still redirects to I do not want to use the theme provided pricing table functionality as it is less than satisfactory.

    Can anyone shed some light on how I can make this work? Thanks.

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  • This absolutely depends on how the Frameworks is build.
    This looks like class and data attributes for html tags. If so, you don’t need to escape the quotation marks and spaces.

    But this is not a WordPress Issue, you should refer to the Theme Developer.

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