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    Ok, I think this can be done, but I’m having trouble sorting it out.

    We are using Advanced iFrame to integrate content from another site. This is what I’m using to do so:

    [advanced_iframe securitykey=”secrity#” src=”″]

    However, I would like to be able to pass in the ‘cale_id=246’ to some other event ID.

    Of the shortcodes that are available, what/how would I do this in the main url?

    The main URL that the iFrame is embedded in is something like << Can I add something here to pass to Advanced iFrame’s cale_id? >>

    Is there a way to do this, or can it only be passed in through the iFrame URL?

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  • Plugin Author mdempfle


    if you add a parameter at the url it is available of course available in the iframe.

    and if you want to pass it directly from the main url your have to use

    Is it possible to be shown an example of how the Parent URL would look like and what the contents of the url_forward_parameter field would look like?

    I guess my question is … how do we pass in the cale_id=? from the parent URL.

    The main page obviously being a WP site and the iFramed page being an ASP page.

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    it has to contain “cale_id”
    and this parameter is than added to the iframe url.
    Make sure that your iframe url does not have the cale_id already.

    Best Michael

    Ok, so this is the URL for the iFRAME that i need to display:


    My site has a URL of:


    IF it is possible to pass in the variables for ‘details’ and ‘cale_id’ using the site URL can you give me an example of how the site URL would look as well as the shortcode for Advanced iFrame?

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    Have you read the documentation?

    There it is explained:
    “Define the parameters that should be passed from the browser url to the iframe url. Please separate the parameters by \’,\’. In e.g. TinyWebGallery this enables you to jump directly to an album or image although TinyWebGallery is included in an iframe.”

    In your case:

    and the src is

    Ok, finally figured it out.

    iFrame URL:

    WordPress Page URL:

    iFrame Shortcode:
    [advanced_iframe securitykey=”key” url_forward_parameter=”cale_id” src=”htp://”]

    This seemed to do the trick.

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    if details=true is fix than this is the way to go ;).

    Yes, details=true I did find out was a fixed part of the URL.

    Advanced Iframe Pro

    I use the plugin Tabby Responsive Tabs
    and also iframes to display data from an external domain


    See in IE does not show the contents of the table, the height does not resize

    See in google chrome, it shows the content but the height is greater than the actual height of the iframe

    Can you help me?

    I bought your plugin only to let the automatic time, many use iframes on my site and changing the height is always a lot of work.

    Alexandre Monteiro

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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