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  • Hello,

    I just started using this plugin today and so far it’s great! I have been able to get it to work on two pages on my site. However, I now have a question. I have a page for showing search results that requires an ID number to be passed from one page to the next. With the plugin, I am not sure how to construct the URL to pass it.

    The site I just started is Do a keyword search for the word “fisk” and click on Details. When going from the results page to the details page, the variable newsid is passed and the current details page is a page template modification, not a page that uses the plugin. The results page does use the plugin however and in the field for details I have a statement

    $s .= “<tr><td>Details</td>”;

    What would I put instead of detailspage.php?id= in order to pass the variable to a page that would use the plugin.

    Hope this makes sense. I have VERY little knowledge of php and basically tweaked some code someone else put together for me to cobble this together. Thanks!


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