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  • Hi all,

    I’ve been over the details at aweber on how to ‘pass form data to a thankyou page’ however when it says add the code to the <head> I’mnot sure where I’m supposed to be putting it on my wordpress site.
    I have tried placing the javascript code to the header.php file however it hasn’t worked.

    Not sure where in the header.php it should be placed or if supposed top be somewhere else.

    Has anyone else had success with using this feature from aweber and if so what steps am I missing or incorrectly performing???

    Thanks again.

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  • I’m running into a roadblock on this one too. I see you had this problem 5 months ago, and no one has come along to answer you? I would think the WordPress community would want to come to the rescue with AWeber personalization on ‘Thank You pages’ on WordPress sites.

    You, of course, went to “How Do I Display Subscribers’ Names or Email Addresses On My Thank You Page?” and got that code to paste into header.php. You’d think that would work, but then elsewhere at AWeber, I believe it’s when you’re at your list settings, under the input for entering your success page, there’s a checkbox that says: “Pass subscriber info for personalizing this page. (Not recommended for WordPress users)”

    I tried to make it work anyway, and when I click on the confirmation link in the email sent to me, I get a Not Found at my WordPress site.

    Searching for a solution, I’m not finding anything. I’m really surprised this question isn’t answered all over the web.

    Guess I’ll have to call AWeber during business hours.


    I was able to around this by setting my permalinks back to their original value. The 404 problem occurred when my permalinks were set to /%postname%/. when the permalinks were set back to “default” the data was forwarded with success.

    The issue I’m running to know is the data that is forwarded via the Aweber forwarding option is a bit incomplete. The email data passed is missing the “@” symbol redenering it useless. Any help on this would be great.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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