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  • I am working on a plugin and I need to pass PHP array to Javascript array. I have tried using join(), implode() and even Json_encode. But, the wordpress is not displaying any value.

    When using join(), I used the code:

    $php1 = array(1,2,3);
    <script language='Javascript'>
    var lat = ["<?php echo join("\", \"", $php1); ?>"];

    If used on localhost(without wordpress), the above code provides a valid output. But, somehow, its not working on WordPress. The “apache error log” show this message:

    PHP Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in \wp-content\plugins\Animation\animation.php on line 129, referer: http://localhost/Website/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=js

    Same is the case with implode(). Server error log shows same above warning for implode().

    Then I tried for json_encode using the code below:

    var lat = <?php echo json_encode($php1); ?>;

    But the no value is returned.

    Please guide me through this. I appreciate any help. It would be great if you help me in passing this PHP array to javascript array.

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