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  • I have multisite WordPress installation with default language for all new sites set to English. For one of my sites I wanted to add support for different (Polish) language. I copied all Polish *.mo files I found in Polish installation of WordPress.

    After switching to that language that one site only, I noticed that not only frontend, but also dashboard has been translated into Polish. Because that was unwanted effect, I deleted all *.mo files from languages directory, except for Especially I removed *.mo files for admin and network admin.

    Even though I did it, I can see right now, that my Dashboard for this site is partially translated into Polish. Only certain strings (dashboard sections, frames, buttons) are tranlated, other remains in English.

    What is going on? Form where this partial translation comes out? I only left file, which — as I understand — is purely for frontend translation and does not changes anything it dashboard, right?

    And the most imporant — how to get rid of that partial translation? I want all my dashboards (as good as frontend of most sites) in English only frontend for two or three sites to be Polish.

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  • First of all, any change of configuration (like that, related to language) must be done at data level, not at filesystem level. A WordPress multisite has only a one filesystem and different tables on the database for each site.

    Secondly, sets of translations are for both what you call ‘frontend’ and ‘dashboard’. It is related with any string that belongs to WordPress.

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