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  • This occured on version 2.0.2 and now on the recent upgrade to 2.0.3

    The page fully loads, however, intermittently, the core column fails to fully appear. Further experimentation has shown that this only occurs in Firefox, not IE. Using the WevDev extension -> display div order, causes the missing styling (bg colour etc) to appear (the textual content is always there). This appears to be a rendering bug with firefox.

    Does anyone know if this is down to the wordpress engine, if its occurred before, and a method to fix it?


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  • I’ve seen similar behavior when I had mismatched div or p tags in my posts. Have you tried validating to see if you have something like that?

    (a link would be helpful)

    I’m developing it locally at the moment. What appears to be happening is that the footer div is stopping short – half way through the core column, this then appears to be preventing the main columns background colour from displaying, EVERYTHING else is in place and styled perfectly. As I said, the problem is intermittent, which doesnt help trouble shooting :/
    (thx for the quick reply)

    At you can also upload files. So if you save the content of a ‘view source’ of your page and upload that, you can check it’s validity even when the site is running locally.

    Sorry I meant to say before, it is valid CSS and valid XHTML trans

    Right then.

    Long story short: No, wordpress is not in the habit of partially rendering pages. When pages are partially rendered one tends to look towards validation. Or making sure that the theme isn’t calling plugins that are non-existant or disabled.

    As we can’t see any of this in action, not sure what else I can suggest beyond look real hard at the theme, posts and plugins and try and narrow down what causes this to happen.

    (probably not related, but I had something goofy like this back when I was windows IIS / PHP — clicking a UTW tag would make the resulting page “half-rendered.” Moving to a LAMP box magically cleared it up and I never did figure out what the heck was going on. But I digress…)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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