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    I use Word Press on my site:
    I am also a visually impaired blogger so therefore my site doesn’t generally have much in the way of images, nor do I prefer to use images much for obvious reasons.
    But the post at this URL:
    does have some images I want shown. However, anyone sighted who views this post tells me that only half or part of the images are showing.
    I’ve tried adjusting all the image sizes in settings, media to 3000×3000 to insure that this is not the issue (yes this includes thumbnails to large, all set to 3000×3000).
    I’ve installed the plugin called SelectRegenerateThumbnails from Viper007Bond.
    I’ve tried specifying the image size values in the <img src> tag.
    The image sizes of the photos are 2048×1536.
    I’ve deleted the original post and re-created it hoping that the new values previously specified and the changes I’ve made would solve the issue but it continues.
    I don’t know what else to possibly do and as I’m blind I don’t want to mess with images much other than to point the browser to them and that’s it. I don’t want them scaled, sized, changed or anything as I can’t even see how they look.
    Can anyone please tell me what I might possibly be doing wrong and more importantly how I fix it?
    Thanks much!

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  • The problem is that the area available for the images is much smaller than the width you assign. The width should match the screen area width.

    You can automatically resize the images using a CSS rule added to the end of style.css. The rule will set the width to 100% and the height to “auto”. That way the image will resize to the full width and adjust to the proper height.

    Here is the rule:

    .entry-content img {
       width: 100%;
       height: auto;

    Thanks for your help, I have edited my style.css to include the rule you suggested. I have also edited the post in question to remove the width and height values I specified in the <img src> tags. Will I need to delete and re-post that article? Or should the style become affective immediately?
    thanks again,

    The CSS rules should take effect immediately.

    I just looked at the post and it looks great!!

    Thanks again for all your help! It is much appreciated!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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