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    Hello there,
    Thanks for a simple and great plugin! I have one support query which may improve this for everyone in future. I have spent 2 hours trying to solve a problem, but had not much luck, so I am asking for support. I use partial entries on gravityforms, I’d like to use your beautiful plugin to only count full entries. Right now it is counting all form entries, completed ones along with partial.

    To solve this, I tried and failed the following 2 options.

    1.I have tried filtering by whether there is an entry ID, but this didn’t work because {entry_id} cannot be used in filters as it has not got an ID number. It isn’t an option for me to start loading entry ID into a field, because that would only work on future entries and not past ones. Is there anyway you can target field data that doesn’t have a filter_id?

    2.I tried filtering by whether workflow is complete or not, but unfortunately partial entries are setup to consider he workflow complete when it hasn’t begun. So this didn’t work.

    To succeed in a glitchy way I did this:

    3.I have successfully made this work by counting which entries went through my workflow’s first step,but I don’t like this as it is glitchy. If I remove the workflow step in future then not all entries will be targeted…So I am asking if you have another simple way for me to just use this wonderful plugin to only count complete entries?

    Thanks v much!


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