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  • I am using this for posts in the blog area. When showing the automatically created excerpt, it does not parse the bbcode. Getting situations like this:

    The [URL=""]Company Facebook Page[/URL] has been updated with the next piece of information.

    turns into this

    The has been updated with the next piece of information.

    Not only is the bbcode/html being stripped, but the text inside the tags are being removed as well.

    Wondering if this is a bbcode2 bbpress issue, wordpress core issue, or theme issue. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author antonchanning


    Well, I’m still running the bbcode plugin on the latest wordpress, so it doesn’t appear to be the plugin or wordpress core. On the other hand I’m not aware of anything a theme could do to make this happen. I suppose it could conflict with another plugin.

    Can you look at what the html source is produced?

    One thing you can try is removing the quotes:
    [[URL=]Company Facebook Page[/URL]]
    I’m not sure if that’s it, but my test page doesn’t have them.

    (PS sorry for late reply, I’ve recently moved from South West England to the Scottish Highlands, and the PC I maintained this plugin with has been packed away. It still is but I’ve decided its about time I started maintaining them with the laptop. Bad excuses I know…)

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    Wait, the excerpt? I haven’t checked out excerpts. I suspect they don’t support shortcodes be default. Basically this is the same issue as for the buddypress activity stream.

    I’ll have a look into adding support for these…

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    Just a heads up:

    I still haven’t implemented shortcodes for excerpts, but it is next on my ‘to do’ list unless anything urgent pops up.

    Yeah, I realized that excerpts didn’t have support after the fact, I’ve since adjusted for my personal uses.

    Another issue related to this, same thing happens – in feeds and facebook open graph data. I’ve noticed some stories posted to Facebook when entered on blog are missing the link and text inside a url shortcode. I haven’t addressed this yet, but would be nice if the plugin had options to enable in these 3 areas. Or any export stream that text from posts will be printed.

    Thanks for looking into it!

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    In theory I can apply the shortcodes to any content so long as I know the wordpress filter ‘hook’. Whilst I can understand why WordPress strips shortcodes out of some output be default, I’m really not sure why they feel the need to also strip the contents of those shortcodes. So far I’m not aware of any shortcode of the form:

    Some [shortcode]thing[/shortcode] strange

    where it would be problematic to simply output:

    Some thing strange

    and not:

    Some strange

    It would certainly make my life easier! Maybe its a bug in WordPress, or maybe they have very good reasons for implementing it this way.

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    I’ve added some code (to the latest version of ‘bbPress2 shortcode whitelist’) that should stop tags being stripped from excerpts.

    I’ve tested the update on my own systems and it doesn’t break anything. It also seems that in RSS feeds the tags are output, after being converted to the html they produce.

    I’m not sure I was using excerpts anywhere though, and I can’t find any settings in the admin dashboard to turn them on. Maybe its a ‘theme’ thing. My archives and rss feeds seem to display the whole post.

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