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  • When I attempt to go to my site, the following error occurs:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home2/passmeas/public_html/wp-content/themes/simple-indy/functions.php on line 306

    I can’t even login to get to the theme editor. No pages of my site will work so I can’t login directly from my blog site.

    Can someone help????

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  • Edit the files using FTP and check if the error message is correct…

    There appears to be a problem with one of the files (functions.php) in your simple-indy theme. Did you just install/activate this theme or was it working before?

    Do you have FTP access to your site? If so, you could delete the simple-indy folder from your themes directory, which should eliminate the problem. Of course, it would also eliminate that theme from your WP site, but you could easily download and reinstall it. (You’d probably have to re-do any customizations you made to the theme, however.)

    The theme was working before and I hadn’t gone to the theme editor to make changes. I don’t have FTP access.

    This is my first blog and I am a novice at this stuff.

    There is alot of data on my site and we just so happen to back it up yesterday. If I load that old version would that be easier?

    Just guessing here… because we did so many customizations through trial and error and not sure if we can duplicate all that stuff.

    Thanks guys.

    Also if I can just upload a backup should it be a full backup or like a partial– directory or mySQL??




    of course you have ftp access, the site’s on bluehost —

    ftp> open
    Connected to
    220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] ----------
    220-You are user number 6 of 50 allowed.
    220-Local time is now 15:32. Server port: 21.
    220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
    220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    Name (

    you just need to get the login/password. (which by the way can be gotten and reset (respectively) from within cpanel.

    you also have cpanel access:

    use cpanel’s file manager to either delete or rename your current theme’s directory, thus reverting wordpress to the default theme OR to check that your theme’s function.php doesnt need a fresh backed up copy.

    You say you don’t have FTP access, but you have the ability to upload a full backup (of WordPress files)? How would you do this?

    Rather than doing a full reinstall or uploading from a full backup, I’d think it would make more sense to start by deleting/reinstalling the simple-indy theme files (or even just the one functions.php file), since that seems to be where the problem is.




    You say you don’t have FTP access, but you have the ability to upload a full backup (of WordPress files)? How would you do this?

    thru cpanel. its harder, overall, but new people dont realize that.

    Thanks whooami- I found my theme and the folder. I am trying to learn all of this as I go. This is what is in the file:

    Thanks everyone for your help but it is fixed now. For all the newbies who are as slow as I am technologically, this is what I did.

    I couldn’t login so I went to the cpanel section in blue host. I went to file manager–>selected web root–> then went to the wp-content–>themes–> found my theme and renamed it by adding a “2” at the end.

    Like whooami said this will revert your theme to the WP default. From there, I was able to login to my dashboard from having my login saved as a favorite (but you should be able to do so through the wordpress site as well).

    I found my same theme and installed it again. So now, I have the old version of the theme and the new/fresh version of the theme installed.

    I went to Themes editor and selected the latest theme version which was just Simply Indy. My error said that it was in the functions.php file so I opened that file, selected all and copied it. Then I went to my old theme version from the drop down menu at the top (Simple Indy 2), opened the functions.php file, deleted what was in it, and pasted the file from the latest version.

    Then I went to my Simple Indy 2 theme and re-activated it.

    There were just a few minor customizations that I had made in this file so it took me no time to get it working.

    My site is back up!!!! Thanks you guys for your help.

    I had a similar problem and fixed it through Blue Host as described, except I did not go back to the latest theme. Thanks, Passmeashovel!

    This saved the day, thank you! I had the same exact problem after inserting a code from another thread and getting locked out of my account! I also have Blue Host, thank you passmeashovel for making the instructions easy to follow for this non-technically savvy blogger. I’m now looking at my website again and that’s a beautiful thing.



    What if I have godaddy and not blueshot? Could someone walk me through that? I’m also a newbie…

    Is there a way to go in and fix just the functions.php and not reset the whole template?? I have already edited the CSS a ton and don’t want to start over…

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this but I just don’t get all the jargon.



    GoDaddy should have phpmyadmin. You can use that to change the theme(Assuming the theme is the issue again.) You would also want to disable all your plugins in testing.

    i’m a newbie too…
    same error…
    can;t login, dont know how to access by http://ftp...
    please help.
    site is :

    thank you

    Ok I’m having the exact same problem as passmeashovel but clearly I’m an even bigger newbie… what the heck is bluehost?

    I don’t think I have FTP access…?
    Arg, I’m so confused!!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated… !


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