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  • I can’t get into my blog at all. I was adding a site meter and did something wrong. I was kicked off and now I keep getting this message when I try to log on: “
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /home2/devotio9/public_html/wp-content/themes/mt-dark/functions.php on line 115.”

    Would someone please HELP ME? My blog is

    Thank you

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  • You somehow got some code messed up when you added the site meter. If you can’t get to your admin dashboard, you’ll have to go from your ftp and fix the error on line 115 as indicated above, in that theme, functions.php file.

    Okay, I’m sorry, but how do I do that?

    Thank you

    Hi brodymom7,

    If your blog is new and you don’t know about an ftp (files transfer protocol) you need to find out from your host if you can access your blog files through an ftp. If you have access to the cpanel, you should be able to access instructions from there as well.

    Look through the emails they sent you when you initiated service with them, because that would be where they possibly would have included the information about your ftp access.

    Contact your host via a support ticket, and let them know you broke your site. They may go in and fix it for you, but you still need to know how to tackle these sorts of challenges in the future. So, this is a positive thing to learn from! 🙂 😮

    Also, just to let you know, when you paste codes into the forum here you want to use the ‘code’ button above and wrap the codes with that. It places a tiny tick mark at the beginning and end of the code to place it into a box.

    Let us know if you get your issue resolved, and if so then you will want to mark this forum thread as ‘resolved’ from the sidebar.

    Ive never wanted to cry and pull my hair out the way I do now! My blog has almost been down for a full 24 hours! I wish I’d stayed with, now, but that’s a totally different subject.

    Thank you so much for your help, Inspired2Write. I do believe due to your prompting, I will learn how to do this … yet. I found out I do have a FTP with my bluehost, but it’s all still very GREEK and GEEK to me. Right now, my password isn’t going through w/the download of my FTP, so I’m re-reading through the instructions. I don’t like doing this AT ALL, and think WordPress is waaay too complex for me. I really wish I’d stayed w/blogger. It was waaaay simplier. I’m really tempted to just go somewhere else… What has happened to the days when one can get on the phone and call for help. Especially when money is being spent!

    I plan on recommending to others not to do this self-host mess, just get your own domain name. Period. My entire day has been stifled and I still am no where near figuring this mess out!

    Sorry, I really don’t mean to unload on you, but I choose WordPress thinking they were top-notch and I haven’t found that to be so at all. All I’ve had was one hard problem to tackle after the next when it wasn’t all that bad, now, looking, with Blogger. Maybe WordPress is more for the Geekey people who like such challenges. I’m not one of them, though.

    Again, thank you very much for your help and leading me in the right direction.

    WordPress is waaay too complex for me.

    Hey brodymom7,
    Now hang in there… You can make this work if you put your head to it. Over time it WILL get easier! It’s too soon to bail out! Roll up your sleeves and dig in. 😮

    Ive never wanted to cry and pull my hair out the way I do now!

    We’ve all been there – except for the bald guys – lol.

    Yeah, it is much more complicated than Blogger, but you will have total control of your site, unlike with Blogger, and you will be very proud of yourself for getting past the learning curve. I have blogs on Blogger too, (on my own domains), so I know what you’re experiencing in regards to the learning curve with WordPress vs Blogger.

    Hope to hear back with how you’re doing!

    Found you on Twitter, and now I’m following you from there with hopes you won’t give up on your WordPress blog! Hope you make it back here!

    Oh, Inspire2Write, you have inspired me, thanks. I did get into my FTP and got files loaded and all, but I don’t see anything from my blog. I also don’t know how to get into them. I keep clicking, but they don’t open for me to see what’s inside. They do something else instead.

    My husband’s friend has a computer guy who I’m going to see tomorrow. I will try to watch and learn if I don’t have it up by then. I just know nothing at all about this stuff, so it’s taking long. I haven’t a clue about a .PHP, although, I’m seeing it quite often now.

    Anyway, thanks for the follow. I’ll follow you back. I will be sure to let you know what happens.

    Thanks. Smile

    I did get into my FTP and got files loaded and all, but I don’t see anything from my blog

    Hi brodymom7,
    Do you not see any of the WordPress folders in your ftp? You need to locate the ‘Content’ folder under WordPress, and then ‘Themes’ like you see here:
    wp-content/themes/mt-dark/functions.php on line 115.
    Once you locate your theme, mt-dark, then you have one of two choices to fix the functions.php file. The first choice would be to delete that one file from only that theme folder, functions.php and drop in the same file from a backup copy of your hard drive uploaded to that same folder.

    The second choice you have to choose from is to locate the exact codes in that file that you pasted in for the site meter, and delete only those codes. If it didn’t corrupt the file too bad, then you should be able to just delete them from that one file, save the change and have your site restored.

    When you feel adventurous again with adding codes, be careful with which file you choose to add them to. For a site-meter code it would be better to select like a footer.php file, a sidebar widget, footer widget etc. Hope you get your blog back up and working soon! 🙂

    That’s what I’d planned on doing, exactly what you noted, but I couldn’t find the wp-content/themes…folder. I planned on deleting it.

    It’s fixed, though. I hired a guy who did it in two seconds, flat!!! I’m glad to have met him, though. I’ve been waiting to get my blog worked on, designed. The lady I wanted to do it wasn’t unavilable until Aug. Sept of this year. But I’ve now met P.J. He lives not even five miles from me, so that’s excellent. Plus my husband is about to begin doing work online and will need a site and blog, so P.J. can just be our IT person.

    Thank you very, very, much for your help and support!

    Happy to hear you got it resolved, and your blog looks good! 🙂 If you come back to this thread, there’s a box in the right sidebar where you can select that you got it [resolved].

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