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    Oh dear.

    Please help me – I was changing some code in the functions.php file and suddenly am getting this error on my blog. SO super stressed out! I can’t even get into my blog now. Any help is very much appreciated!!!! Holy panic attack batman!

    Thank you,


    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/a/u/g/auggiehough/html/ on line 1348

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  • You’ll need to use FTP to replace that file – download a new copy of the theme first –

    Find the functions file on the server here:


    You shouldn’t be modifying theme files – EXCEPT in a child theme, BTW :).

    I knew it too. I thought, before I did anything, “you probably shouldn’t do this kristy….”.. idiot.

    I’ve tried to log on through ftp but it can’t connect. I keep getting a 530 login authentification failed error. Any suggestions?

    p.s. thank you for your quick response!! i really appreciate it.

    LOL – don’t feel too bad – happens all the time – and your site will be okay :).

    You need to ask your hosting company about FTP questions – the access info isn’t the same as your WP login info.

    i dig it. i’m in via the website now… crossing fingers.. haha

    Out of curiosity, do I delete the current functions folder and then re-upload it? i don’t see functions.php – i only see functions which then lists:

    etc… all the way down to

    I’ve never done this before – be gentle 😉

    Thanks again!

    Are you in the suffusion theme folder? There should be a functions.php file in that folder – that’s the one that’s messed up.

    I am. Directly under “Suffusion” folder, it’s got sub folders called


    ….the functions folder is there but it isn’t called Functions.php – just Functions. But all the files in there are .php files… Would this be the same thing?

    ps. not sure if this helps, but within the functions folder there are:


    I just downloaded the the theme and there is a functions.php file in the suffusion folder. Are you using FTP?

    I’ve logged in via my domain hosting/file manager. I couldn’t access via FTP. I’m in the file manager now via GoDaddy but don’t see a folder labeled functions.php (even though, as you see yourself, there is one in the theme). Hmmm…

    It WAS there before when I was in my blog – as that’s what I messed up.

    It may be that not all files are visible in the file manager – you might want to get FTP set up –

    ah crap. okay. once i do that, will i essentially just delete the old one and then upload the new one?

    oops! I see now that while on the GoDaddy control panel, I’m using the FTP file manager – so I guess i am using FTP already. Is it possible the functions.php file got deleted somehow with the error?

    Are you using an FTP client like FileZilla?

    Alternatively to the above, you could delete the theme folder and then reinstall it via the Dashboard – but if you’ve modified the theme files, you’ll lose those changes.

    That’s the one I use, yup. Just keep getting that darn 530 login authentification failed error… But if I can get in with that info on GoDaddy, not sure why it isn’t working via FileZilla.

    I’d happily just delete the theme folder. haha.. but I’ve got a ton of widgets and CSS I’ve added. May have to go that route though.

    Either way, I appreciate your fast responses and all your effort – you’ve kept me from jumping off the roof.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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