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    I just tried to make a change to my blog and this parse error happened:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘<‘, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/t/h/e/thealchemist/html/ruminations/wp-content/themes/mistylook-101/functions.php on line 35

    I am a complete newbie at this and I tried searching the forums for answers, if someone could help me I would really appreciate it.

    If I had to upload everything again, how would I go about doing that without losing all my posts,etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Can you please paste the code from your template’s functions.php file in the pastebin, then include the link in your post. We could then help pinpoint the issue at hand. Thanks.

    Thanks for the quick response, when I do view code the parse code is the only thing that I see, is that what I should put in pastebin?

    or can i find this somewhere else? i can’t see my blog at all.

    I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge.

    What’s the link to your blog? Also, you’re seeing this issue as it’s outputted on the blog itself.

    You need to view your functions.php file (code) of the theme itself. Download a copy of your theme’s functions.php file to your hard-drive, and use the pastebin like I said above.

    Meaning, grab all of the coding from the functions.php file, from either the FTP directory.. wp-content/themes/mistylook-101/functions.php

    Or, the Presentations area in your blog’s wp-admin/
    wp-admin > presentation > theme editor > functions.php file

    one more thing, since it is a problem with the functions.php file, could i just reload the original functions.php file through filezilla? or would that make it worse?

    Yeah, you could try uploading the unmolested functions.php file once. See what that does. Unless of course you have other things that rely on special things in the functions.php file, in which you edited…?

    no, i haven’t really changed anything in there, except today.

    here is the pastebin

    Ok, then just upload a GOOD copy of the functions.php file for THAT theme, then. Report back the results okay? =)

    THANK YOU!!! it worked, i’m so happy. really, spencerp thanks for taking the time to walk me through this, much appreciated =D

    You’re welcome. =) Can you please mark this [Resolved] now please? It will help “us” (helpers) point others to threads like this, to help many more. Thanks. =)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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