• Hello everyone !
    Hope things are running fine.
    I schedule a backup each day at 11pm on my server and I receive this error message :

    1. Trying to generate a file with installed plugin names …
    [17-mar-2013 23:11:27] Added plugin list file “mazargues.pluginlist.2013-03-17.txt” with 2, 48 kB to backup file list.
    [17-Mar-2013 22:11:27 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘d’ (T_STRING) in /homez.667/mazargue/www/wp-content/uploads/backwpup-6adcf-temp/backwpup-4a4bb4-folders.php on line 157
    [17-mar-2013 23:11:27] ERROR: syntax error, unexpected ‘d’ (T_STRING)
    [17-mar-2013 23:11:27] Script stopped! Will start again.
    [17-mar-2013 23:11:31] STRICT NOTICE: Declaration of OpenCloud\DNS\PtrRecord::Create() should be compatible with OpenCloud\PersistentObject::Create($params = Array)

    At the end the job is done.

    Do youhave any idea ?

    Many thanks,


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