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  • just installed, upon trying to log in i get “Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /home/prnspike/public_html/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php on line 1045

    this is what line 1045 looks like:

    echo "<form action="%22.get_settings("siteurl')."/wp-admin/post.php' method='get'>n";

    any help is appreciated.

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  • What version of WordPress are you running? In 1.5, wp-admin/post.php tops off at 778 lines, and my copy of 1.2.2 only has 812.

    Kafka, I have version 1.5….the ‘post.php’ file has 1623 lines as far as i can tell.

    i guess WordPress is only going to be workable for those with a lot of PHP knowledge…i followed the install instructions faithfully….can anyone recommend an alternative to WordPress more likey to work right out of the gate?

    Something went wrong with your upload, because here’s the most recent version of that file:

    and it’s nothing close to 1623 lines.

    WordPress should work as long as the initial setup of the files go off without a hitch. I wouldn’t say that was the case here. I’ll also note that knowing PHP may help when it comes to customizing WordPress, but that’s hardly “out of the gate” sort of use.

    My post.php is 778 lines long as well using the stable 1.5. I’ve searched and don’t have the lines you’ve pasted above in my post.php.

    It would appear something has gone wrong either in downloading WP or installing to your server. I would would re-download the latest stable release from Then delete your old install and ftp up this new one.

    Just to clarify, WP requires no PHP knowledge to install or use.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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