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    I have a website that three other domains redirect to. My client now wants the primary site to be used for the other sites as well, so I thought it would be simple by adding those domains as parked domains of the primary. If you go to the root URL of a parked domain, it shows fine. But, if you click on a link from the home page, it takes you to the page using the primary domain, which I don’t want. I want the domain to remain the parked one. After reading documentation about multisite networks, I thought that it was the way to go, but I wasn’t really sure because what I read didn’t really sound like my situation, plus I’ve never worked with multisite networks before. Would someone be able to help me? Am I totally overthinking this? Much appreciation in advance.

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  • client now wants the primary site to be used for the other sites as well

    I have one site with its own domain URL and then four other domain URLs c-Panel-assigned to that same folder where htaccess then redirects each of the four to the primary URL so none of the four ultimately ever shows as where the browser actually lands. Is that what you are trying to do?

    I suppose so. There is a single site at, and, and all redirect to the site at The client now wants the site at to show when you go to the other three domains rather than redirecting. I tested it with as a parked domain, and the site showed. But, when I clicked on an internal link, it took me back to… rather than staying with the parked domain. I then started reading into MU, which I know nothing about, and couldn’t get it to work because it isn’t what I need or I’m just incompetent. In short, I just need the three parked domains to work as aliases for the primary domain and make it seem like they are their own sites when it’s really just the primary site.

    The client now wants the site at to show when you go to the other three domains rather than redirecting.

    I do not believe that will be possible since there is no way for a database (a single set of tables) to act like it belongs to multiple sites…and then there is also the matter of duplicate content at different sites destroying SEO ratings for all.

    I suppose you are using the MU Domain Mapping plugin –

    To be able to load the same site on different domains, there is a feature in the Network Admin settings that allows this. Note – It’s not recommend because of duplicate content issues.

    The feature is called “Disable Primary Domain Check” which I believe will do what you need. –

    “Disable primary domain check. Sites will not redirect to one domain name. May cause duplicate content issues.” – ignore the primary domain setting on your sites. The same content will be available on multiple domains and may cause problems with Google because of duplicate content issues.

    Thanks guys. Yeah; I know that this will hurt the client’s SEO, which is why I suggested that the domains redirect to one site in the first place. But, now he is freaking out because and doesn’t understand why search engines removed all of the pages from the old domains in their search result index because they no longer exist. He actually suggested that I call Google to tell them to put them back, so that just shows what I’m dealing with. I ended up finding what I was looking for in another post (, but thank you for your suggestions.

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