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Parked domain resolving to strange WP site

  • I have two domains hosted: fixiebear.com and fixiebearlodge.com

    Currently my wordpress site is live on fixiebear.com

    I have fixiebearlodge.com parked on fixiebear.com with the host.

    But when I go to fixiebearlodge.com, it does not go to my wordpress site. I have no idea where the content of this is living, or how to make it go to the correct wordpress site that I’m maintaining on fixiebear.com

    My host support sent this:

    DO to WordPress being a DNS based software each domain you park on the main domain will show a different instance of WordPress. You can find more information on this here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/second-blog-at-parked-domain

    I don’t know how to interpret this, and the linked article doesn’t relate to my situation. I just want to have a bunch of domains all go to the same wordpress site…

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