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  1. Hgi
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    WordPress is hosted on my primary domain at: http://headrush.in/corporate-events/outbound-learning/

    Another domain - teambuildingactivities.in is parked, ie. points to headrush.in. Therefore, if someone goes in http://teambuildingactivities.in/corporate-events/outbound-learning/ they'll be served the blog from my primary domain. However, how do I get the permalinks to point to the existing domain?

    ie. when on headrush.in, all the wordpress permalinks should point to headrush.in, and when on teambuildingactivities.in, all the permalinks should point to teambuildingactivities.in?

  2. Use a domain mapping plugin. There are a couple, but they will handle that for you.

  3. Hgi
    Posted 4 years ago #

    They only work if the wordpress is hosted on the domain root, if I understand this correctly? Also, won't put all blog posts under the /blog/ subdirectory?

  4. That is true. It doesn't put the blogs under /blog/ though, unless that's what you named the subdirectory in which you installed WP. The best you can do is park the domain on top and let the URLs change as they're clicked on, but this is an issue with how Apache works (not WP).

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