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  • TheAnonymousChefYouLove


    I don’t really know what version of WP Im using or even where to find it. All the same, I could really use some help!

    I am using the Vigilance theme for my blog and have created pages. I then discovered I could use “sub” pages. So after setting those up and giving them parent pages so that I dont have 3 bars of pages on the menu, I went to my home screen and saw what I expected. The parent pages.

    However, I thought that if I hover over the links, it would open a little box with the sub pages listed. But it did not. So I clicked on one thinking maybe there would be a list for me to choose between them on the next page, but there wasn’t.

    After I type a test message in a sub page, I can click on “view page” and be taken right to it. But how do I find it any other way? How do my readers find these pages?

    I have done some browsing in the forum but do not really find much so I am hoping someone out there can lead me in the right direction so I can start posting! Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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