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    no idea how to check what version I’m using – just establishing this site today.

    I want my parent pages (Blog, About, CLAIM, Gardening, Recipes, etc) to display on each page and display the sub (child) pages in drop down under the parent.

    Right now, for some reason only Blog, About and Claim display in the correct title section of the page and a bunch of sub pages display on lines underneath imposed over the page/post displayed.

    I have the sub pages “assigned” under the parent page.

    example of attribute set:
    Recipes – [no parent]
    Juicing – [Recipes]
    Carrot Cake Juice – [Juicing]
    Regular but Awesome Food – [Recipes]
    Salmon Salad – [Regular but Awesome Food]

    But Recipes is not in navigation bar and even the About, which is in the navigation bar, does not have a drop-down for its sub page, Photos.

    I’m sure there is some option I do not have selected – please advise – thanks!

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    no options –
    the theme’s style.css is simply not prepared for a dropdown menu.

    the theme has not beed updated since 2009, and is therefore not prepared to work with the up-to-date WordPress functions.

    suggestion: look for a different theme.

    wow – you are totally correct alchymyth. I changed themes and the pages fell exactly into place – thx!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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